FREE Chapter Excerpts From Our Book,
"A Man's Field Guide to Dating"

Here's twenty-five FREE chapter excerpts from our new hot-selling book called, "A Man's Field Guide to Dating." This long awaited book provides you with all the proven and tested techniques you need to successfully meet, date, attract, pick up, and seduce more single women. Just click the highlighted text to read and enjoy!


Chapter One - "The Long View" - What About When You Are Dating (searching)

Chapter Two - "The Odds" - Fairy Tales and Love Songs

Chapter Three - "Your Dream Girl" - Location, Location, Location

Chapter Four - "You" - Don't Be a Weenie

Chapter Six - "Exercise"

Chapter Eight - "Neat and Clean" - What Turns Single Women Off and the Seven Grooming Sins

Chapter Nine - "Body Work" - Clothing

Chapter Ten - "Style" - Your Smile

Chapter Eleven - "Your Bottom Line" - Get a Job

Chapter Twelve - "Are You a Jerk" - True Beauty is Under the Skin

Chapter Thirteen - "Out and About" - Worst Places to Meet Single Women

Chapter Fourteen - "You the Man!" - Networking

Chapter Fifteen - "Busting a Move" - A Few Great Tips

Chapter Sixteen - "Be a Flirt" - Personal Space

Chapter Seventeen - "The Myth of the Line" - Rejection

Chapter Eighteen - "Your Rap" - Why Do People Love Oprah?

Chapter Nineteen - "The Dating Process" - Date Behavior

Chapter Twenty - "Be Civil in Your Suit" - "Mister Manners" Scores Points

Chapter Twenty-One - "The Fate of Your Date" - When is a Bouquet OK?

Chapter Twenty-Two - "Dating Psychology 101"

Chapter Twenty-Three - "Friends First" - Make a New Friend

Chapter Twenty-Four - "This is Getting Serious" - Freedom

Chapter Twenty-Five - "Sex" - When?

Chapter Twenty-Six - "Problems" - Short Timers

Chapter Twenty-Seven - "Pain and Wisdom" - As the Old Song Says, "Breaking Up is Hard to Do"

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