Chapter Eighteen Free Excerpt - "A Man's Field Guide to Dating"

Your Rap - Why Do People Love Oprah?

Watch her carefully. She is a master of conversation. Ever notice how little you learn about her while she interviews guests? Is there a lot of laughter? Is the guest relaxed? How does she do it? She asks simple open-ended questions and lets the guest roll. She shows sincere interest in what they are saying and participates without going off topic. The conversation rarely shifts to her. She is carefully processing what the guest is saying and preparing her next question. Look at her body language. Posture, eye contact and gestures all contribute to the guest's comfort level.

If a good conversationalist speaks, it will be to encourage the partner to continue or move them to another topic when the current one is exhausted. Maintain a pleasant smile and warm eye contact. From time to time use simple phrases like:

Learn to rephrase what she has just said. This shows interest and ensures that you understand. Take the last event or idea and summarize it in one sentence.

"So, you booked this ski trip on a whim? Right out of the blue?"

"Let me get this straight. You have three jobs? One full time and two part time?"

"You mean you just walked up to your roommate and said you were moving out that night?"

You get the idea. Another variation is to ask for verification of your understanding. You could ask her to repeat part of what she said or ask if your rephrasing is correct. This is a very powerful and useful conversational technique. By the way a side benefit is that is takes a lot of pressure off of you.

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