Chapter Nineteen Free Excerpt - "A Man's Field Guide to Dating"

The Dating Process - Date Behavior

The purpose of a first date is to get a second date. When you invite a single woman out for an evening it is like throwing a small party where she is the only guest. You are responsible for everything. She is only expected to show up and look gorgeous. Be a man of decision. Think James Bond. While you don't have every minute planned, there is a definite flow to the evening. You don't have to reveal everything, you just need to act as though you have everything under control.

Make careful plans and execute

Always make reservations. Are you eating at a place that doesn't take them? Eat somewhere else. Do you know exactly what time that movie starts? Will there be a line, because it's opening night? Pick up tickets ahead of time if possible. How long does it take to drive to that party? She needs to know exactly what time you will pick her up. SHOW UP ON THE DOT. If you are too early, she will not be ready. If you show up late, she is all dressed up with no where to go and nothing to do and you're an idiot - bad start.

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