Chapter Four Free Excerpt - "A Man's Field Guide to Dating"

You - Don't be a Weenie

In a good match both partners are interested in pleasing each other. You can get a sense for this very early in the dating process. Watch for signs of inconsiderate behavior or unkindness. Don't tolerate it. It will not change. If she is rude to her friends, family or co-workers - you're next. On the other hand she should not be meek and easily manipulated. Sometimes men gravitate to single women like this because they are easy conquests and can be controlled. This is a character flaw on the part of the guy. You will not have any respect for a woman who is too meek and has low self-esteem. Again, she will not change and you will regret it when she is clinging to your leg as you try to escape.

The best combination is a woman who is receptive to your initiatives, but is still challenging. She may only accept you as a friend at first. That's okay. Actually, that's the best place to start. Give it some time - perhaps a couple of months. The strongest trees grow very slowly. Weeds grow very quickly.

A successful relationship consists of two people who match on several levels. Adults are fully developed and only change on their own terms. Therefore, everything required by both parties must be in place beforehand. This is what makes it so difficult. Men are walking around with a key and single women are walking around with a lock. While it is true that many keys will open many locks, most of the combinations will not work. What is amazing is that so many couples will attempt to match and stay together even if the lock doesn't open. Don't let this happen to you.

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