Chapter Two Free Excerpt - "A Man's Field Guide to Dating"

The Odds - Fairy Tales and Love Songs

The reality is that there are thousands, perhaps millions of single women who would work out just fine as dates or long term commitments. It is a matter of compromise, readiness, need and circumstance. You must realize that you don't end up with the absolute best choice available for a girlfriend or a wife.

If you look at it in statistical terms, there must be thousands of single women who have more to offer. You just don't have the time and resources to meet them all. Picture it as a major event like a college football game. You have one afternoon and about 20,000 available women. How many can you get to know well enough to ask out for Saturday night? OK, all analogies leak, but you get the point.

So with luck, you could hope to date less than 100 single girls during your bachelor-hood. (We're being generous.) With luck, the average Joe will experience a dozen or so "relationships" lasting more than a couple weeks. One or two of these will result in marriages. Maybe. Are you depressed? Don't be - these are just the facts. Check with your older friends and relatives for verification. (By the way, don't forget that single women are also out there meeting, rejecting, accepting, dating and marrying guys constantly - just to add to the confusion!)

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