Chapter One Free Excerpt - "A Man's Field Guide to Dating"

The Long View - What about when you are dating (searching)?

The trick is to balance your hormones with your gray matter. You should be thinking as much as you are feeling. The feeling part is very easy. It almost takes care of itself. Look. Be honest. It would be possible for you to work up some heat for a very wide variety of women. Every single woman has some level of charm and sexuality.

The hard part is thinking about the other factors - matching value systems, an equal interest in the relationship and the ability to relate intellectually. It will take time and thought to uncover this information. You are seeking potential. However, sometimes you can tell right away. The problem is that it is easy to overlook red flags when your testosterone is controlling the show.

Don't forget that it goes the other way. Dating is a true marketplace. You must exhibit potential as a partner in order to start the process. You will both be evaluating each other.

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