Chapter Twenty-Seven Free Excerpt -
"A Man's Field Guide to Dating"

Pain and Wisdom - As the Old Song Says,
"Breaking Up is Hard to Do"

She is ending the relationship.

It shouldn't come as a surprise. There will be signs. You need to keep your eyes open. The ball is in her court. She may call you or ask you to come over. It's hard to say. If you suspect she is trying to end things, try to be communicative and honest. Don't lose control. Never get angry or hysterical. Try not to cry. If there is something you need to know, ask.

When the situation is obvious, there is only one class move. You must stand up, say goodbye, turn around, walk away and do not look back. Go home or visit a close friend. Do not call her. Don't beg. Don't whine. Be a man. If there is some hope of reconciliation, she will let you know. Then you can decide if it is in your best interests. Avoid dating for a while. You are not ready. You could be subject to the "rebound" syndrome.

Again, keep your mouth shut. Don't discuss the situation with mutual friends. Speak well of her. After all you shared some good times. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve. If you need to talk, find a confidant - someone you can trust.

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