Chapter Thirteen Free Excerpt - "A Man's Field Guide to Dating"

Out and About - Worst Places to Meet Single Women

Bars. Sorry, it doesn't work for a number of reasons. The conditions are horrible, the competition is fierce and the mindset of the single women is all wrong. The music is too loud for decent conversation, which is essential. It could happen, but luck is not with you. NEVER GO TO A BAR BY YOURSELF! You immediately have the word "LOSER" tattooed on your forehead. What are you going to do - stand against the wall with a beer and watch the single girls walk by? Are you hoping one of them will stop and say, "Hey, you really remind me of Brad Pitt - how about coming back to my place?" Right.

Only go to a bar with a group and for a reason. You can go with some buddies to watch a game or hear a good band or celebrate Jim's promotion. The best situation is to go with a mixed group of couples and singles. You have a crowd to hang with. You can invite a lady to join your group if the opportunity presents itself. You are talking and enjoying yourself and you will appear much more attractive than the collection of single dolts standing by the ladies' room.

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