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Dear friend,

How would you like to walk into a singles bar, sit down and within 30 minutes have dozens of sexy-looking single girls approach you and want to meet and get to know you? You will not approach the girls, they will approach you.

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I have discovered not one, not two, but five different methods of meeting single girls in bars and nightclubs for love and romance. Girls will flock to you like crazy. In three of these methods, you walk into a bar or nightclub, sit down, don't say a word to any woman in the place and very shortly all kinds of good-looking girls will come up to you and want to meet you. The other two methods involve saying only a few words to women and I guarantee you that over 95% of these women will want to meet you.

I don't care what you look like. As soon as you receive my manual called, "The Complete Guide to Attracting Women" you can read it and walk into a bar or nightclub that very night and have one single girl after another approach you and want to meet you. You will have no competition because not one guy in a thousand is aware of any of these methods. They are virtually unknown.

How I Discovered These Methods to Attract Beautiful Women

For years I've been searching for ways to meet good-looking single girls in bars and nightclubs. I gave up, being rejected 95% of the time.

Finally, I discovered how to meet girls through personal ads. I wrote two manuals on meeting single girls through personals. I met a lot of girls and so did many of the buyers of my manuals.

But many of the guys wrote back to me and said, "Your method of meeting single girls through personals ads is great but what about all the beautiful, sexy girls that I see in my local bars and nightclubs? How can I meet some of these beauties for some hot romance?

The question bothered me. One Friday I visited the Holiday Inn and I was amazed at all the beautiful single girls I saw. There were so many that I would have liked to meet. But my feet froze to the floor. I could not even begin to approach any of them. I, who have met so many girls through personal ads, became a washout in a bar. I went home dejected.

The next night, I went back again. This time I was braver and asked ten girls to dance. They all said no. They looked at me, a 42 year old balding and potbellied man and must have laughed to themselves. I figured I might as well give up forever. I would never attract single women on my looks alone and that seemed to be what counted in bars and nightclubs, or so I thought.

There had to be a way to meet good-looking single girls in bars and nightclubs for average-looking men and I was determined that I would find the way. I figured that the only way to find out was to interview men who were successful with women in bars. For the next six months I went to dozens of bars and nightclubs and interviewed hundreds of men who had luck with single women in bars and nightclubs. I simply told them I was writing a book and needed their help. They were glad to help. I came up with about thirty good methods to successfully meet single women.

For the next three months I interviewed hundreds of good-looking single women and asked them how a man could meet them in a bar or nightclub, introducing them to the 30 methods I had written down. They were all very helpful and picked out the five best methods that would really work. Now was the time for the final test.

The Methods For Attracting Women at Work

To determine if these methods would work in actual practice, I picked myself and four of my friends to test them. Each one of us would try each method one at a time. None of us had ever met a girl in a bar or nightclub. We were all scared because we were terrified of rejection. But we were willing to try anything because we really had nothing to lose.

I picked one of the methods where you only say five words to a girl, walk away and let her approach you. I figured that I could say five words. I would try that method first. I will never forget that night. It was a Friday night in August and crowded like crazy in the bar I went in. When I went in that bar, I felt like running to a corner and hiding because there were so many sexy single women it scared the daylights out of me. I never saw so many beautiful girls. I was ready to try.

I went up to fifteen girls that night, said five words, and thirteen of the girls came up to me and wanted to meet me. I could not believe it, thirteen sexy girls in one night! They all wanted to give me their phone number and wanted a date.

The following Friday I went to another bar and decided to try one of the other methods. With the method I chose, not a word was to be spoken. I went into the bar, sat at a table and hoped that this would work. Within about fifteen minutes the first girl came up to me and asked me what I was doing. I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful single girls I had ever seen in my life. I met her and dated her for about three months. That very same night, ten more girls came up to me and wanted to meet me. They were all pretty and sexy. This method works for one reason and I will tell you why in my manual.

I tried the other three methods and met over 200 single girls using all five methods. I never met a girl in my life in a bar or nightclub before and now I've met 200 girls in little under a year with these methods. I had to share these unknown methods with guys.

Here's Proof This System of Attracting Women Works:

The best way to inform you of the merits of these methods is to tell you the success of other. First, let the other three guys that tested the methods with me tell you what they experienced:

Jim - "I was willing to try anything when Wayne told me about this new discovery on meeting single women in bars. I had terrible luck in bars and nightclubs. I would try anything. In nearly five years of going to bars and nightclubs to meet women I had met only one, and she was nearly ten years older than me. I wanted to meet the sexy, desirable girls that I saw week after week. I would give anything to have a chance with some of the beauties I've seen.

There is no way to describe the thrill and joy I felt when I started to meet some of the best-looking girls I ever saw. Me! I was one of the homeliest guys around. I tried two of the five methods and met ten sexy girls in the last thirty days. Thanks Wayne."

David - "I was in a bar about three times in my life. They scared the hell out of me. I thought it was the worst place in the world to meet single women. I decided to help Wayne and prove to him it would never work. Well, was I surprised, I met dozens of girls in a little over a month's time and nearly all of them were very good-looking. I definitely know his methods will help you."

Tom - "I told Wayne he was crazy. I was scared to even talk to a girl. I was too shy to meet girls, especially in bars and nightclubs. In these places a guy had to be super aggressive to be successful with women. But he told me to try his methods. I had nothing to lose.

The first method I tried was the easiest because I didn't have to say a word. I just went into the nightclub, sat at a table and ordered a drink. I did what Wayne said and within an hours time at least five girls came up to me and wanted to meet me. More and more girls came up as the night went on. I met many girls that night and had the time of my life. That was about six months ago. Now, I know dozens of girls and thank the lucky stars that I tried Wayne's methods."

Here's More Proof:

Here are more guys who have had success with these methods:

Tim - "When your manual arrived I was up until two in the morning studying it and knew it was different and would work for me. I tried every way in the world to meet beautiful single girls in bars and nightclubs and had lousy luck. With your methods I met twenty girls in one month. Thanks a lot for your help."

Frank - "Met 36 girls in the last three months. I am having the time of my life."

My manual, "The Complete Guide to Attracting Women" is also filled with all kind of other helpful information such as the following - Why you don't have to be good-looking to pick up single girls in bars and nightclubs. How to use techniques to meet dozens of pretty single women in malls, beaches, and many other places.

Free Double Bonus

If you order within the next thirty days, I will include two free bonuses. One is, "How to Make Women Fall in Love With You." This will go into detail on how to make nearly every woman you meet fall deeply in love with you and crave to be with you.

The second bonus is, "The Circular Method" - an unknown method of meeting single women. You can meet as many as ten to twenty extra women a month using this method. Even if you return the manual for a refund all the bonuses are yours to keep.

Don't delay, order your copy of "The Complete Guide to Attracting Women" today. You will be real happy you did and your love and dating life will change for the better.

Your friend,

Wayne Ross

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