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Do You Make These

Mistakes With Single Women?

Dear friend,

Do you know what the fatal mistake that nearly 95% of men make on their first date with a woman? Do you know what the "D" technique is?...Use the "D" technique on any single girl you want and she will go nuts over you. Do you know what to do in the first sixty seconds when you meet a girl to hold her interest for as long as you want?

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Nearly all guys lose out in the first sixty seconds when meeting single women because they don't know what to say or do. Do you know why it's easier to meet and date sexy, beautiful women than plain ones?

Complete Guide to Handling Women Reveals All

I don't care how old you are, what you look like or how many women you failed with in the past, my manual, "The Complete Guide to Handling Women" will make you an expert on handling and keeping women. You will learn all there is to know about handling beautiful single women.

You Will Learn How to Pick Up Women:

  • How to avoid the tragic mistake nearly all men make when they first meet a woman.
  • All about the "D" technique...One of the most valuable methods on winning single women to come along in decades...I once used this on ten girls I dated and all ten fell madly in love with me. They would not leave me alone. If you use this technique, do it with caution because sexy girls may be breaking down your door for love and romance.
  • How to get any single woman you want.
  • How to have dozens of girls crazy about you.
  • How to win a woman you want from any man she's presently interested in or dating, even if she's madly in love with him.
  • Why most men lose a woman after the first date.
  • The most important thing a guy can give a girl...give her this and you will have her loyalty and love forever.
  • The first 60 seconds you meet a woman will decide whether or not she will be interested in you. A little known technique on how to win over a beautiful woman in the first sixty seconds.
  • Using psychology on good-looking single women to have them going wild over you.
  • The technique of talking to women and holding their interest.
  • Why it's easier to meet and date a sexy-looking woman rather than a homely woman.
  • And, Much, Much More!

Read What Others Say:

Jim - "I had terrible luck with women. It was extremely hard for me to meet women. When I did meet women, I couldn't hold their interest at all. I would date them once and they would never want to go out with me again. I was ready to give up on girls when Wayne told me about the "D" technique.

I tried it on the next girls I went out with and it worked like magic. She asked me to go out again. Soon, good-looking girls were going nuts over me. I tried the "D" technique on nearly 20 women and all 20 wanted to date me again and again. They're calling me and asking me for dates.

The word got around and beautiful girls are asking my buddies to introduce them to me. My friends are shocked that I have so many women. I'm very homely and they figure I would have a hard time getting beautiful girls. I owe it all to the "D" technique."

Louis -"My biggest problem was what to say to girls after I met them. I would gather up the courage for an opening line like, "Hi, my name is Louis" and then I would freeze. I would stand there in frozen terror, not knowing what to say next.

Wayne gave me an advance copy of, "The Complete Guide to Handling Women" and I discovered a few effective shortcuts that proved to be dynamite in carrying on a conversation with a beautiful women."

Sam - "I was a complete washout with women. I looked like a fat Woody Allen. Beautiful girls were only a dream to me. A friend of mine told me about a manual called, "The Complete Guide to Handling Women." I had read dozens of books on meeting and dating women and none helped. My buddy told me that Wayne was a friend of his and he had just finished writing the manual. He wanted some guys to test the methods.

I met Wayne late that week and he told me he could have girls begging me for dates within two weeks, not just any girl but beautiful, sexy girls. I told him that he was nuts! I told him that there was nothing to lose so I took his manual home and read it.

His manual proved to be a real eye opener. I couldn't believe that it could be so easy meeting and dating women. The following week, using the advice in Wayne's manual, I met three beautiful women. I not only met them, but dated them and eventually had to tell them to stop bugging me with their phone calls.

I have met and dated over 30-40 girls in the last three months following the advice in, "The Complete Guide to Handling Women." Not one of them dumped me. I stopped dating 25 of them on my own because I just didn't have time. It's so easy to hold on to beautiful women. Beautiful girls are no longer a problem for me. I can meet and date any girl I want. Some of the most beautiful women in the world have fallen in love with me and I owe it all to, "The Complete Guide to Handling Women."

Why I Wrote This Manual on How to Handle Women

If you know anything about me, you know that I wrote three manuals on meeting single women, two of them on meeting women through personal ads and one on meeting women in bars. Hundreds of guys wrote me letters wanting to know how to keep the women after they met them. I gave this some serious thought and I did a lot of research on the subject.

I decided it was not only important for men to meet a lot of single women but also how to win their love and interest and make it last. I remember how I discovered the "D" technique and how it helped me win the interest and love of hundreds of nice-looking women.

I had been meeting a lot of single girls through personal ads and made coffee dates to get together with them. I could never get a second date with them and I never knew why. I decided to try something different when I met them. It worked. The first thirty girls I tried this method on became my most ardent admirers. They all fell in love with me. I guarantee you that girls will become nuts about you if you try this technique on the first date.

Most men do not know how to establish lasting relationships at all. This manual will make you an expert at not only meeting the women you desire, but also how to establish meaningful lasting relationships.

More Proof this Dating Manual Works

You will also read about the following guys:

Doug - A little overweight but has dozens of beautiful single women chasing him. He has to turn down at least ten dates a month. Yes, women call him and ask him out. How does he do it? I'll tell you in my manual.

David - He couldn't meet a girl no matter how hard he tried. David and I discovered, quite by accident, how to have dozens of girls approach us in a restaurant. David uses this technique all the time now and every time I see him he has more stories of more of the beautiful girls he met with this technique. You can do the same thing in any restaurant.

I will tell you about dozens of other guys and the success they have had with single women. You will learn all their secrets of seducing women. Within days after receiving my manual, you will be on your way to becoming the ladies man of your dreams. Guaranteed!

Free Double Bonus!

If you order within the next thirty days, I will include two free bonuses. One is, "How to Break Down a Woman's Resistance - Three Different Techniques." This will show you how to break down the barriers women put up that create distance and stand in the way of a man trying to get to know them. Unless you know how to break down these barriers, you will never get past the small talk stage with women.

The second bonus is, "What Girls Are Looking For." There are six reasons a girl will date a guy and if you can satisfy any of these reasons, you will stand a chance with practically any female. I will show you how to fulfill all these reasons.

Program on How to Handle Women Fully Guaranteed

My manual sells for only $9.95 and carries a full money back guarantee. When you receive the manual, read it, study it for 30 days. If you feel for any reason you won't benefit from my material, then return it within six months for a complete refund. There is no way you can lose. You either meet and date all the single women you want or you get your money back. Order Your Copy Now!

Your friend,

Wayne Ross

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