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Be sure and visit this page for our latest products added to our catalog to help you meet, attract, date, seduce, and become intimate with more single women. We will also keep you informed here on any new information on issues important to single men and anything new to be added to our web site in the future. Our motto is "If you want to improve your love life, we are here for you." We want you to be successful with single women and we will do anything and everything to help you.

New Products on How to Meet, Attract, Seduce Women:

Liquid Magnet Now Available on Etsy with Free Shipping - Attract hot and sexy women instantly! Liquid Magnet pheromone cologne makes you irresistible to women and turns them into a non-stop love machine! Order to drive a stampede of love hungry women wanting you. Order today at: Liquid Magnet Pheromone Cologne on Etsy. Buy one for $19.95 with free shipping.

Help Me Jesus: 365 Daily Spiritual Devotions to Help Men Meet, Date, and Attract Woem - There are lots of love-hungry beautiful women out here just waiting to meet you and with the help of Jesus he will find a special lady for you to fill your life with lots of love, happiness, and romance. So, do you want to call on Jesus to help you improve your dating life and win with women? Then place your order today.

Dating with Jesus - A daily spiritual guide for men on how to meet, date, and attract women. At last! The answer to your prayers for love and romance. This book provides you with 365 tells-all dating tips for men for every day of the year for meeting, dating, and attracting women. This 539 page book is only available on Amazon.

How to Use the Power of Jesus to Help You Meet, Date, and Attract Women: Bible Verses, Prayers, and Spiritual Advice for Dating Women - Featuring 179 spriitual inspirations and advice for dating women, 145 must-read Bible verses to help you succeed with women and 50 powerful prayers to help you overcome any problem you will ever have in dating women. This book is available only on Amazon in the following formats: Kindle, Audio Book (you can listen to audio sample), Softcover, and Hardcover.

Drive Women Wild for Sex with Powerful Pheromone Cologne

Mephisto Subliminal Seductions CDs - We call it, "The Lazy Man's Way to Seduce Single Women." All you do is simply insert one of our Subliminal Seduction CDs in your (car-home-portable player) and she thinks she's only hearing music, but she's being secretly and sexually programmed by erotic subliminal messages (concealed under music) to make her uncontrollably want to make mad passionate love to you. When she hears this CD she will feel her genitals becoming inflammed with blood and become so aroused that she wants to have an orgasm and urgently needs you to give her a climax...You lucky guy!

Order Item #075 (Erotic Tropics) - $12.50

Order Item #076 (Lite Rock) - $12.50

Order Item #077 (Country) - $12.50

Order Item #078 (Classical) - $12.50

Order Item #079 (Jazz) - $12.50

Order Item #080 (Early Rock & Roll Oldies) - $12.50

200 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed with Women eBook on CD - This powerful "seduction how-to e-book" will get you more telephone numbers, more dates, more sex, and more hot & sexy girlfriends than you ever dreamed possible. How? - By learning these proven guaranteed methods, techniques, seduction tips, and specialized knowledge in this "virtual seduction encyclopedia" you can become incredibly successful at meeting, attracting, and seducing single women. This 150+ page "tells all" e-book is crammed full of valuable information on scoring with women, easy step-by-step instructions, and tons of techniques to use on women to get what you want from any woman you desire. WARNING: This eBook will not work on Mac Computers - Order Item #081 - $4.95

How to Talk to Women...A Guide for Tongue-Tied Men - Do you get tongue-tied with single women? With the help of this book you won't be anymore - you'll know exactly what to say and how to say it.
Order Item #031 - How to Talk to Women - $9.95

Free e-book, "How to Pick Up Women in Nightclubs" - Download this free e-book featuring 27 Chapters on how to successfully meet, attract, and seduce women in nightclubs. You must have this book, if you go to nightclubs!

100 Places to Take a Date eBook on CD - Surefire places to take a date that are guaranteed to win a woman's heart and make her want to become intimate with you. WARNING: This eBook will not work on Mac Computers -Order Item #088 - $4.95

The Easy Way to Improve Your Golf; With S/A Hypnotism - Ebook on CD - Amazing new breakthrough golf improvement system helps you hit your ball longer and straighter than you ever thought possible, get rid of your slice once and for all, take your game to the next level, hit your driver an extra 30 yards, putt like a pro and effortlessly sink those impossible putts and watch your ball be magnetically drawn to the cup, hit all your chip and pitch shots dead on the pin from 100 yards in, hit all your tee shots long and straight down the middle of the fairway, lower your handicap 5-10-15 strokes, hit your driver, fairway woods, and long irons better, and hit all your shots with pinpoint accuracy. WARNING : This eBook on CD will not work on Mac Computers - Order Item #087 - $4.95

The Playboy Catalog

We are happy to announce that our new "girl-getting" book, "1001 Best Pick-Up Lines" has been featured in the Playboy Catalog and Playboy's Spice Catalog. It's quite an honor to be included in their catalog of fine products for men.

We are also happy to announce that our "sizzling" book, "How to Pick Up Topless Dancers" has also been featured in the Playboy Catalog and Playboy's Spice Catalog.

"Dating Tips of the Week" Archive

Due to popular demand, we have now added the "Dating Tips of the Week Archive" on how you can successfully meet, date, attract, and seduce single women. Look here for our listings of previous "Dating Tips of the Week" on scoring and doing better with women.

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