using the power of Jesus to meet women

365 Daily Devotions for Every

Day of the Year to Help You

Meet, Date, and Attract Women

At Last! The answers to your prayers for love and romance with women.

"Help me Jesus: 365 Daily Spiritual Devotions to Help Men Meet, Date, and Attract Women" new book by Don Diebel (America's #1 Singles Expert) provides you with 142 Bible verses, 47 powerful and effective prayers, and 176 spiritual comments, inspirations, and advice for every day of the year to help you meet, date, and attract women using the power of Jesus.

Here is Just a Small Sampling of 176 Spiritual Inspirations

and Advice for Dating Women:

  • How to stop worrying about your love life and learn how to lean on Jesus and enjoy dating while he goes to work on your behalf.
  • How to rely on the spirit of Jesus to intercede for you when you are tongue-tied and don't know what to say on a date.
  • Learn how to put Jesus in total control of your dating life and allow him to direct your steps and point you in the right direction to succeed with women.
  • There is an answer to every problem you will ever have in dating and the author shows you which Bible scriptures to use.
  • Why you need to come to Jesus when you need answers to your prayers for a special lady to come into your life to love.
  • All this and much more!

God created the universe and he lives inside of you and with this power you can tap into this to help you meet, date, and attract any woman you desire. This book shows you how.

47 Powerful Prayers to Help You Succeed with Women:

  • See a pretty girl that you would love to to meet, but you freeze up with fear? I have prayers to overcome this.
  • Prayers to ease your restless mind and nerves when going on a first date.
  • Prayers to find the right woman for you to love and give you lots of happiness and affection.
  • Prayers to end your pity parties when you are feeling depressed and sorry for yourself when you don't have someone to love.
  • If you are not a Christian and do not believe in Jesus he will not answer your prayers. No problem. I provide you with a salvation prayer to make him your Lord and Savior, be saved, and have eternal life.
  • And many more prayers to help you succeed with women.

I know it's a jungle out there in the dating world and it can be difficult for you to meet women and find love. It can reach a point where it may become hopeless. But, with the help of this book and Jesus it can be turned around in your favor.

Why You Need This Book to Call on Jesus to Help you in Dating Women:

  • Jesus can open his mighty sky vaults and rain down favor to help you meet, date, and attract more women if you will just call on him with belief.
  • When reading this book you will be equipped with the holy spirit to overcome any challenges you may encounter when dating.
  • Jesus has plans for you to find a girlfriend. All you have to do on your part is to trust him with faith and she will appear as if she was sent from heaven.
  • When you feel depressed, discouraged, and disappointed about your love life or lack of it Jesus can turn it around in your favor.
  • You will learn how to work with Jesus for find the love you deserve.

Free Bonus Report included: "100 Surefire Places to Take a Date That Are Guaranteed to Win a Woman's Heart and Make Her Crave to be with You."

The main purpose of this report is to give you a gold mind of creative ideas that will make a lasting impression on women and make them want to date you again and again.

There are lots of love-hungry beautiful women out there just waiting to meet you and with the help of Jesus he will find a special lady for you to fill your life with lots of love, happiness, and romance.

So, do you want to call on Jesus to help you improve your dating life and win with women? Then click the buy button.

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