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How to Meet Dozens of Beautiful

Single Girls by Saying the

Seven "Magic" Words to Them!

How would you like to walk up to a pretty single woman, say seven words, walk away and have her call you within a few days? How would you like dozens of calls every month from beautiful women a few days after saying the "Magic" seven words to them?

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And, how would you like to meet dozens of beautiful, sexy single girls each and every month using the amazing 1-5-10 technique?

The 1-5-10 technique and the seven words are only two of the amazing techniques of meeting sexy single women that are described in detail in my new manual, "The Complete Guide to Attracting Women - Volume 2."

Who Am I?

My name is Wayne Ross. I am 47 years old and live in Canton, Ohio and I love women. I am the author of four manuals on meeting, dating, and seducing women. My manuals are sold all over the world and I have been described by Symphony Press as an expert on the match game - yet I look like a nerd.

I am balding, have a potbelly and no way in the world could I attract a good-looking woman on my looks alone. My niece Tiffany says I remind her of "nerds" in the movie, "Revenge of the Nerds." Also, my niece Tanya says I'm goofy, yet I meet and date dozens of sexy single women all the time.

The Pick Up Girls System No Girls Can Resist!

Thousands of men have become experts on meeting and dating beautiful single women through my methods. You can too. How would you like to have so many beautiful girls that other guys would be jealous and envious of you? After one quick reading of my manual you'll learn:

  • How to use the "Magic" seven words to meet girls anywhere and everywhere.
  • How to meet dozens of pretty single girls every month using the 1-5-10 technique.
  • Use the NC technique on any woman you want and she will call you asking for a date.
  • Terrific places to meet single women.
  • Where to go where women outnumber men 10 to 1.
  • Little known tool you can use to have dozens of women fall in love with you.
  • How to get good-looking girls to beg you for dates.
  • The big mistake men make when they ask a girl to dance that almost guarantees rejection. Stop doing this and most girls will love to dance with you.
  • Have beautiful single women flock to you with the "Baby" technique.
  • And Much, Much More!

Read What Others Say About This Guide to Attracting Women:

Chad - "I used to be the strike out king when it came to meeting girls. I was ready to give up forever until Wayne told me about the 1-5-10 technique. I decided to give it a try. I tried everything else.

I went to the shopping mall that afternoon and decided to try the 1-5-10 technique on the first beautiful girl I saw. I sat down in the food court with a cup of coffee and looked around at the dozens of tables trying to spot a sexy-looking girl.

I saw a beautiful-looking blonde sitting a couple of tables away and quickly decided to try the 1-5-10 technique. You can too. You can meet them in bars, shopping malls, restaurants, anywhere and everywhere with the 1-5-10 technique. I went over to her table and..."

Chad met the beautiful blonde and I'll tell you exactly what he said word for word in my manual. In fact Chad meets ten to fifteen girls a month using the 1-5-10 technique. You can too. You can meet them in bars, shopping malls, restaurants, anywhere and everywhere with the 1-5-10 technique.

Joe - "I was always unlucky with girls. I went through high school and college with very few dates. I'm tall and thin with a little pot belly and I wear glasses. I am very nerdish-looking and never thought I would meet pretty girls. I went to bars and dances every weekend only dreaming of dating and loving the beautiful girls I saw.

I always told Wayne about the beautiful girls I'd like to date, the ones I saw at the department stores, bars and malls. I was always afraid to approach them. He asked me if I could say seven words to a girl. Of course I could say seven words. He then told me about the "Magic" seven words. He told me that I could walk up to pretty girls, say the seven words, walk away and they would call me within a few days. I told him he was crazy. He said to try it. I did and he was right.

I've been using the "Magic" seven words for three months now, wherever I see beautiful women. I've met fifteen beautiful women in the last three months. Thanks Wayne."

Free Double Bonus Reports

If you order within the next thirty days I will include two free bonus reports. The first bonus report is, "How to Get Girls to Pick You Up." It's easy to get girls to pick you up once you know how. This free report is easily worth the cost of the manual.

The second bonus is, "How to Win Dates With Hard to Get Women." This bonus report will tell you how to easily get dates with those sexy single women that most guys only dream about. Other guys will envy you, wondering how you ever got dates with such hard to get women.

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