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Attract hot and sexy women instantly! Amazing Pheromone Chemical Spray makes you irresistible to women and turns them into a non-stop sex machine!

This is our new Attractant 10 pheromone spray container. This is the exact same original Attractant 10 formula that is now only sold in this new pheromone spray container.

How would you like to get to first base every time with women??? "Attractant 10" is the most undetectable female attractant pheromone. The scent that seems to attract women without them being aware of it.

An Amazing SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY has shown that pheromones have the power to draw females to them...just as the scent of flowers attracts honey bees.

Pheromones, the scientists say is a body chemistry and smell which is not consciously detected or recognized. Pheromones are natures way of attracting the female sex.

Attractant 10 Pheromone Spray Users Report:

"I have just got to tell you this. Not only do I currently have four hot girlfriends as a result of using Attractant 10, but i am also in total control of these relationships. So much so that I currently live with the General Manager of my Department at work, and she pays for everything. I do not spend a dime and live in style, plus my other girlfriends call over here and she takes messages."

"I was at the bar alone when the girlfriend of my best friend came up to me and told me how manly I looked and what a nice body I had."

"I have purchased two containers and am pleased with the results. I've had the most success in bars and nightclubs and have a beautiful steady girl now whom I met while wearing it."

"I am pleased to say that I was groped and fondled INTIMATELY at a nightclub by a female...while wearing it on my jacket."

"A very casual lady friend suddenly seduced me...she shocked me as this was out of character for her."

Additional facts and reports:

  • Blondes and redheads notice Attractant 10 more quickly. Is this why blondes have more fun?
  • Attractant 10 Pheromone Spray sprayed in one part of a room will cause women to congregate there.
  • Women, when picking up an object will tend to sniff it first.
  • Pheromones are powerful chemical messengers working between organisms to attract others of the opposite sex.
  • Shy man at dance gets asked to dance by several different girls at different times. His men friends were driven with envy.

News Reports about Attractant 10 pheromone spray News Reports About Attractant 10 Pheromone Spray!!!

"Heaven Scent! The secret of SEX-CESS" - The Sun

"A male Sex Pheromone which has a scent that attracts females" - Time Magazine

"The potential of this new discovery is immense. The scent is likely to produce a state of sexual excitement or arousal" - Men Only Magazine

"This stuff makes Petunia want to screw like a bunny" - Oui Magazine

So Who Needs Attractant 10?

  • Young men (students, etc.) who are shy in their approach to women.
  • Busy professional men who have lost confidence in their approach to women.
  • The lonely, desperate and often rejected middle-aged man who wants success with the opposite sex.
  • Traveling salesmen who deal with housewives.
  • Servicemen (soldiers and sailors) who have limited time or funds to spend on ladies but want to "score" fast.
  • Men of all ages in offices who are seeking out a particular woman.
  • Men who have a physical handicap or who are unattractive to women yet want to "make-it" with an attractive girl.
  • Men who do not have the money for fine clothes or cars and don't want to pay a prostitute but would rather have a sexual experience or experiences with a beautiful woman, FOR FREE!

QUESTION: How many sprays do you use??? ANSWER: That depends on how many girls you can handle!!!

Picture yourself walking into a room full of men and ladies. The guys are handsome, younger than you are, yet suddenly every lady in the room swarms around you and only you!!!

"Attractant 10" pheromone spray for men WORKS INSTANTLY!!! Even if the man is short, fat, bald, old or unattractive to ladies, just one single spray of "Attractant 10"immediately sends a chemical reaction to the women around him. We call it, "INSTANT SEX-APPEAL."

Reports about Attractant 10 pheromone spray More recent reports about pheromones in Attractant 10:

  • Husbands reported INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCES with previously bored and disinterested wives.
  • Military Servicemen had outstanding success with local women who were TOTAL STRANGERS to them when they met.
  • Men going into bars reported actually being swarmed by WOMEN within minutes after walking in.
  • Men at bars, nightclubs and parties reported being surrounded by both MARRIED AND SINGLE LADIES.
  • Traveling salesmen and door to door salesmen reported increased sales and literally being dragged in by frustrated housewives.
  • Repairmen...servicemen...deliverymen...of all kinds...even those who were unattractive or ugly...reported almost unbelievable encounters with ladies in every conceivable situation.

Women's Libbers Groups have said that the use of pheromone spray as a sexual attractant by men is "sneaky, underhanded and devious and gives the male user a great and unfair advantage over the UNSUSPECTING WOMEN'S subconscious desires and feeling." All we can say is: "All's fair in love & war."

Get a New Lease on Life!

Enjoy life to the fullest! Keep Pheromone "Attractant 10" with you at all times! In any emergency! See a hot & sexy looking girl? 1. Give yourself a spray or two. 2. Just walk over to her (being sure to get close enough so she gets a whiff). 3. Watch out for some REAL ACTION! ! !

Whether you are a Don Juan Playboy around town who just seems to make out anyway, with 4 or 5 girls a week...or you're just a fellow who wants to get out of the humdrum rut and start enjoying life to the fullest with 4 or 5 girls per week. Our only suggestion is that you keep it with you at all times...And use it whenever the emergency arrives (if you know what I mean).

"Attractant 10" is the foremost and best human pheromone spray. Its phenomenal success is due to the use and interaction of several pheromones in its formula where less effective ones use only one pheromone.

Its complicated formula and its European origin combine to make its price of $25.00 only seem expensive. The dispenser should last for 2-4 months, depending on its use. Also, the cost of $25.00 is not more than what a man would usually spend on drinks and entertaining a lady in an evening.

We GUARANTEE you success with"Attractant 10"or your money back! (If ordering more than one Attractant 10, refund available on only one product). With this money back guarantee you can't lose! It may seem expensive. It may be unfair to the girls but...IT SURELY DOES WORK! Order yours today!

Order Item #A-10 - Buy one for $25.00, two for $45.00, or three for $60.00.

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