woman seducing man after listening to subliminal music

"Amazing Subliminal CDs

Seduce Single Women"

She thinks she's hearing music, but she's being programmed by subliminal messages (concealed under music) to make her uncontrollably want to have sex.

Is Push Button Sex Finally Here?

Yes! Simply insert our "Mephisto Subliminal CD" in your (car-home-portable player). She will only notice music, but inaudible, hidden commands penetrate her subconscious mind and "you penetrate the rest!"

Drive Women Wild for Sex with Powerful Pheromone Cologne

Soon, she wants you with an overpowering passion and a throbbing determination! You become her fantasy!

Like hypnosis, subliminal motivation cannot be resisted because it operates undetected below the level of the conscious mind!

Can Words Hidden Under Music Sexually Arouse a Woman

and Focus Her Passion on Only One Man? Yes?

Subliminal stimuli activate involuntary bodily responses such as "Sexual Arousal!" That means Mephisto's orgasmic subliminal commands (concealed under music) secretly implants erotic urges deep into her subconscious, swelling her sexual excitement to the edge of orgasm. And focuses her passion only on you!

The Proven Power of Subliminals - Erasmus University of Rotterdam and South Eastern University in the US proved subliminal tapes arouse women! In the US test sensors were placed in the CROTCH of college girls to measure excitement. The girls were exposed to harmless movies, but subliminal material with explicit sexual messages were hidden under the music.

The girls were unaware of the concealed subliminal sexual activity, yet their vaginas became HOT, WET and SWOLLEN preparing them for SEX! This test was repeated at Erasmus University with the SAME RESULTS: their vaginas swell and lubricate when exposed!

Sexual arousal is the key to her saying "Yes, I need it!" Our Mephisto CDs creates this sexual tension convincing her that she wants and needs sex with you. Mephisto's subliminal messages convince her she's aroused by you and she will do what ever it takes to reach an orgasm with you. That's why your CD makes her say "yes" before you ask!

When She Hears This CD, She Will Believe:

  • She's passionately in love with you and must satisfy her uncontrollable passions with you only.
  • You're the world's most desirable man.
  • Other men are very dull and sexually repulsive and turn her off.
  • Sex with you is "necessary and right!" She wants you only.

She Will:

  • Have dreams of you.
  • Have visions of your hands in foreplay.
  • Lose her modesty and inhibitions!
  • Feel her genitals becoming inflamed with blood and become so aroused that she wants to have an orgasm and urgently needs you to give her a climax.

Mephisto's Subliminal Commands:

  • She's told to believe and obey.
  • Desire compels her to make the first move towards intimacy.
  • She loves you and even believes it's her own idea.
  • She is repeatedly told that she has permission to let herself go sexually; that every conceivable sexual act is OK!.
  • Your rivals are boring and unattractive.
  • Her sexual thirst swells and only a climax will quench it.

Our Mephisto CDs work whether you know her 10 minutes or ten years, because Mephisto's complex structure pushes all the buttons that induce single women to say yes.

Read What the Media is Saying About Mephisto CDs:

"Mephisto subliminals give men an unfair advantage in picking up girls." - Maxim Magazine

"Women Beware! There are men out there using Subliminal CDs that Brainwash you out of your panties, and get you to do sex acts that you never dreamed of. But don't worry girls, they also make subliminal tapes for us to seduce men too." - Woman Magazine

"Something entirely new. It's the world's most invincible erotic stimulant." - The Chicago Tribune

"She simply cannot resist this CD as it changes her attitude toward sex!" - Gallery Magazine

"Why Mephisto works: You've got to get into her head before you get into her bed!" It's the world's most invincible sexual stimulant!" - Genesis Magazine

The Psychological Basis for Mephisto's CDs Success:

1. Peer pressure intervention: Peer pressure is the most powerful force determining human behavior. The 33 voices on your CD persuade her the whole world approves of you. Makes her desire you, erases her inhibitions, and persuades her to surrender to wild passion, because that's what makes her say yes!

2. Erotic subliminal messages designed to stimulate her erogenous zones! Sexual arousal originates in her mind and automatically triggers her body to respond. The response occurs when blood engorges her clitoris and vagina, etc. This engorgement prepares her vagina for sex; it enlarges and becomes lubricated.

The subliminal messages on our CD tell her that blood is rushing to her vagina and you arouse her. Her natural conclusion is that she is aroused because she desires you! She is given permission to satisfy her urgent sexual craving in uninhibited intercourse with you! She hears a voice in her mind she believes is her own saying:

  • I won't hold back!
  • I'm going to lose control!
  • I'm going to be wild and reckless!
  • I'm going to have multiple orgasms!
This creation of sexual tension generates an urge so fierce she must seek relief with an orgasm. Creating this sexual tension is also a necessary prelude to her ability to achieve orgasm!

3. Actual recording of women concealed under music in the act of real orgasms! (the psychological term is "entrainment:" A desire to imitate the orgasms she hears). The recordings are of women approaching orgasm, sighing and moaning and finally gasping for breath as their orgasms starts. Their cries of pleasure and shrieks of ecstasy explode as their orgasm continues with many screaming, "I'm coming" and finally their sighs of contentment.

The subliminal messages convince her that it is your love making causing her to climax and that she is hearing her own cries and moans. This even puts a powerful memory in her mind that she has already had climaxes with you.

Remember: A vision of sexual intercourse with you implanted subliminally creates the same memory as though it had actually happened! It's incredible to imagine the power you have to put sexual thoughts and visions in her mind of you and she engaged in a multitude of sexual acts!

Read What Customers are Saying About Mephisto CDs

There's hundreds and thousands of Mephisto tapes being played all around the world and in many different languages. Here are just a few of the testimonials we hear constantly:

"My Mephisto tape worked after one playing" - J.F, Illinois

"I got the best b...j.. of my whole life using your tape that drove her wild!" - B.L., Connecticut

"I've seen your ad for years. I didn't think it would work on my wife, now it's 2 or 3 times a week instead of once a month." - A.C., Connecticut

How Good Is Your Guarantee?

I will take all the risks and I'll let you be the judge. If you are not absolutely amazed and astounded at how these Subliminal Seduction CDs make women passionately have the hots for you, just send them back within a year of your original purchase date. If you don't agree they work great for you to help you seduce women, (however you choose to test them) just send them back. You will be promptly refunded the entire purchase price. (less Shipping & Handling) No questions asked.

Order Today! Soon, you will hold in your hand the most powerful and sophisticated "aphrodisiac" in history. This unique Mephisto CD (music and hidden subliminal erotic commands) is now available from Gemini Publishing Company and each CD is discreetly labeled with only 2-3 letters and mailed in a plain package (nobody will know what's inside). When you play your CD It's your secret. Only you will know why she suddenly agrees to anything and everything! Satisfaction guaranteed. Full One Year Money Back Guarantee!

Make your CD music selections now from our "Library of Seduction" to seduce women below:

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