1997 (January-June)
Words of wisdom on how to meet, date, attract, and seduce single women

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Listed here are our previous "Dating Tips of Week" from the year 1997 on how to successfully meet, date, attract, and seduce single women. * Be sure and Bookmark this page for your "library of seduction" on getting more dates with women for lots of love and romance.

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January 6, 1997 - Being aggressive with women, meeting single women with a part-time job, why single women are ready to give themselves to you, overcoming low self-esteem.

January 13, 1997 - 25 best opening lines to use on hot & sexy topless dancers.

January 20, 1997 - "The Single Man's Astrological Guide to Women."

January 27, 1997 - The best way to end a date to make a lasting impression on women.

February 3, 1997 - How to tell if a woman likes to be dominated, discovering "plain-looking" single women, attract women by being unpredictable, attract women by being ambitious.

February 10, 1997 - "Top Ten Tips for Writing Single Women Overseas."

February 17, 1997 - What turns women on and what turns women off.

February 24, 1997 - How to tell if a woman is not romantically interested in you.

March 3, 1997 - How your ego can prevent you from scoring with women in nightclubs and bars.

March 10, 1997 - How to approach women, how to attract single women with your laptop computer in nightclubs, how to ask a woman for her phone number, how to ask for a date, and how to make women feel closer to you.

March 17, 1997 - My favorite personal ads to attract women like crazy.

March 24, 1997 - How to successfully attract single women for love, good times, and romance.

March 31, 1997 - Interviews with single nightclub women featuring answers to the question, "What kind of man turns you off in a nightclub?"

April 7, 1997 - Proper dining etiquette when out on a date with women. If you don't learn these tips, it could spoil your chances of scoring with women.

April 14, 1997 - Dumb dating mistakes men make with women.

April 21, 1997 - Why women want good romance.

April 28, 1997 - How to meet, attract, and date hot & sexy single women on the tennis courts.

May 5, 1997 - Become a volunteer to meet, date, attract and seduce all those sexy little honies you have been dreaming about.

May 12, 1997 - Women's sexual and seduction power over single men.

May 19, 1997 - How to meet, attract, and pick up hot & sexy single women at the beach.

May 26, 1997 - How to tell if a woman is interested in you.

June 2, 1997 - How to get any woman you desire, the easy way, just by using mental pictures.

June 9, 1997 - Top Ten Keys to getting along with women for successful dating and seduction.

June 16, 1997 - Why single women are starved for romance and how to give it to them.

June 23, 1997 - The power of being confident with women.

June 30, 1997 - The single man's guide on what to do if your girlfriend dumps you.

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