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What You Should Know about Pheromones for Men

Pheromones are the undetectable natural scents that we exude and which affect the way we react to others both socially and sexually. Scientists have recently been successful in isolating some of these pheromones and the one of greatest interest to men is Androstenone which attracts women like crazy and turns them into sex-crazed animals for you.

We all know that there is a minority of men who seem to attract women without effort. These are the men with high Androstenone level - less than ten per cent of the male population. For the rest of us men the mating game has always been hard work - until now. After several years of research, "Attractant 10" pheromone cologne spray for men, the Androstenone Pheromone scent is finally available to the public.

Imagine having gorgeous women make bold, uninhibited advances toward you. One whiff of Attractant 10's pheromone spray musky scent can unlock those wild sexual impulses so many women keep in check!

Gorgeous ladies who have ignored you before now seem to have an insatiable desire to feel your manhood - to fan the flames of passion that only you can fuel!

Experiments Prove the Effectiveness
of Androstenone Contained in Attractant 10

Results of the many experiments demonstrating the effectiveness of Androstenone have been widely reported in the press. The following extracts from some of these reports are convincing proof that it is a powerful female attractant.

What the Press Say About male Pheromones

  • "The power of smell is undeniable humans are influenced by airborne chemicals undetectable as odors, called Pheromones. Researchers at the University of Chicago say they have the first proof that humans produce and react to pheromones." - CNN
  • Male pheromone secretions not only attract women, but repel other males" - World Medicine (Journal for General Practitioners)
  • "A male sex pheromone which has a scent that attracts females" - Time (Vol. 115 No. 2)
  • "The scent is likely to produce a state of sexual excitement or arousal" - Men Only (Vol. 44 No.4)
  • "Our push button world has come up with an instant answer for all men who can't pull the birds…Spray on Sex Appeal" - Daily Mirror
  • "This stuff makes Petunia want to screw like a bunny" - Oui Magazine
  • "And now this Pheromone has been marketed we've used it and good grief, it works - Knave (Vol. 11 No.10)
  • "The potential of these new discoveries is immense" - Men Only (Vol. 44 No.4)
  • "Dr. Alex Comfort suggests that the musky natural scents may act directly on the brain's sex center to heighten sexual arousal, but at a level below the threshold of awareness" - Cosmopolitan
  • "Minute quantities were sprayed on a chair in a dentist's waiting room. Women patients made straight for the chair" - The Sunday Times
  • Dr. John Money, Professor of medical psychology at Johns Hopkins University said: "Pheromones are important for establishing subliminal bonds between people."
The power of pheromones has been featured on Hard Copy, 20/10, Dateline and articles in Penthouse, Playboy, Swank, Chic, L.A. Times, N.Y. Times and numerous television shows, medical journals and many others too numerous to list.

The average sense of smell is 10, 000 more sensitive than taste and is far more important. Researchers have found that people who cannot smell properly lose interest in sex. However, even anosmic (smell blind) people are affected by pheromones which are sensed by the olfactory nerves.

Of course, the use of the pheromone cologne spray Attractant 10 by men is said to be sneaky, underhanded, devious and gives the user a great and distinctly unfair advantage over the woman's subconscious desires and feelings. But, it has been wisely said that "All's fair in love and war!"

Staggering Results were Reported by Individuals
During a Trial Marketing Period for Attractant 10:

  • Husbands reported hot & wild sex from their wives who performed like a porn star who previously were not that interested in sex and sex had become boring to them.
  • Men in the military reported scoring with women that they had never met before where they were stationed.
  • Men reported that when they walked into bars and nightclubs they were swarmed by love-hungry women.
  • Door-to-door salesmen and traveling salesmen reported that when they used Attractant 10 pheromones to attract women it helped them get more sales and some were invited inside for some action by lonely, horny and frustrated housewives.
  • Men who work in the public which exposes them to women such as deliverymen, repairmen, and servicemen, etc. reported almost unbelievable encounters with women in just about every situation you could imagine.
  • Employers and supervisors reported greater ease in dealing with female employees.

Reprinted from Sunday People Magazine

David Alford, investigator for Sunday People Magazine put Attractant 10 to the test. His mission was simple - To try it on and see how girls reacted.

Alford reported enthusiastically: "At a trendy wine bar in Chelsea's King's Road my pheromone-sprayed tie seemed to clear a way through the crowded bar."

"I ordered a glass of house plonk and suddenly a blonde was at my side asking my name. Minutes later a girl who said she was Charlene sidled up and sipped from my glass."

"I was amazed. Could it be working so fast? Neither girl said she could detect the spray."

Three wine bars later and I was convinced that at close quarters Attractant 10 had my aftershave licked.

"I hadn't been noticed so much or fussed over so much in a long time."

  • SCIENTIFIC FOOTNOTE: Dr. Ben Brookbank of the Medical Council's Developmental Neurobiology Unit, who discovered androstenone pheromone in 1950, says: "There is ample proof that pheromones work on animals and plenty of evidence that they also work on humans. It is clear that odors are much more important in life than we believed."
Alford is convinced.

Who Needs the Seductive Power and Sexual Attractant
Powers of Attractant 10 Pheromones for Men?

  • Young men (students, etc.) who have not reached the age where they are confident in their approaches to women.
  • Busy professional men, doctors, solicitors, etc. who perhaps devote too much of their time to work and have also lost some of their confidence in approaching women.
  • The lonely and often hard up middle aged man who will try anything to assist him in his previously rejected advances towards the opposite sex.
  • The experimenters, these are men who have average or even outstanding success with women but wish to try something new.
  • Travelling salesmen who deal exclusively with women (such as housewives, etc.) - They find that Attractant 10 assists them greatly in their work.
  • Men in the service, (soldiers and sailors mainly) who don't have much time or money to spend on women but want to get laid fast.
  • Men just like you who just want to get laid.
Attractant 10 is the foremost of all human pheromone sprays. Its phenomenal success is due to the use and interaction of several pheromones in its formula where other less effective ones use only one pheromone. Although its complicated formula and its European origin combine to make its price of $19.95 per personal atomizer seem expensive, the dispenser should last for 3-6 months, depending on its use.

Further, the cost of $19.95 is much less than what one would customarily spend on drinks and entertaining a lady in an evening with no guarantee of success. With Attractant 10's money-back guarantee. YOU CAN'T LOSE! It may seem expensive; it may be unfair to the girls BUT…IT SURELY DOES WORK!

Users Reports Confirm Success with
Attractant 10 Pheromones Cologne Spray for Men

A young man, who had always had difficulty in getting anything going with girls, wrote enthusiastically to report his first sexual experience after using Attractant 10. Another man, middle-aged, traveling by train, was surprised when an attractive young girl entered and ignoring a number of empty seats, sat close to him and engaged him in conversation. (Reported in a letter to Forum Vol. 13 No.1).

"I was badly injured in a car crash 9 months ago and I got quite a big scar right under my left eye and my jaw was hurt as well. Useless to say, I haven't been much of a "lady's man" after that. But about 2 months ago all that changed, I ordered Attractant 10 via a friend in the US. I was a bit skeptical at the start, but I guess I'd do just about anything to attract an attractive girl at that time. Not too long after that my little savior arrived. From day one I started getting positive results and I couldn't believe it. Although I'm an extremely shy guy, within that very week I actually had dates on both Friday and Saturday. And they just kept coming and to this day I swear by Attractant 10 as my weapon in the fight for satisfaction. I now have an awesome attractive steady girlfriend and I'm perfectly allowed to date and have sex with other girls as well. My life is so much better now than before and I thank you for that." - Marius Haugen, Rykkinn, Norway

"Unless this is an elaborate con-trick working on my subconscious and my subconscious behavior (which I doubt), I have to say that this stuff really works! I went to a party two days ago and nearly every female in the room started to drift towards me and join in my conversation. Amazing!...p.s. - What happened later was even better!" - Mr. M.L Yorks

"It was a Saturday night and I went to my local cocktail bar and was surprised to actually see heads turn my way…later in the evening there was a party at the club and I actually got asked to dance several times. I couldn't seem to put a foot wrong. And it benefited my mates because they accompanied me in dancing with attractive girls and their friends. It was a great evening and my mates and I regularly use the spray now - sparingly but effectively. Life is one big ball with this aid…" - Mr. J.B. Beds

"I was at the bar alone; when the girlfriend of my best friend came up to me. It wasn't long before she said I had lovely hairy arms, what a nice body I had and how manly I looked. She had never said anything like that to me before. I am convinced that it was the pheromones that had this effect…" - Mr. SJ B., Lanc

Guys, I'm sure that you are familiar with the expression, "love at first sight" that creates an irresistible urge to be with a woman you are turned on to. It's what I call instant chemistry and something you just can't explain but you sure can feel it intensely.

Now just imagine being able to control this chemistry between you and any woman you desire. This is exactly what Attractant 10 can do for you. It can create this same feeling of attraction and sexual desire that will be felt subliminally by gorgeous women when they come in close contact with you and get a whiff. They will be instantly attracted to you and not even know why. You will know though…it's the Attractant 10 pheromones for men putting them under your spell and causing them to melt in your presence.

P.S. Remember: Either you get all the beautiful sexy women you want no matter what you look like…or Attractant 10 doesn't cost you a cent! But, you better place your order today because all those hot & sexy women out there are waiting to jump your bones when wearing your Attractant 10 pheromone spray.

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