vero chemistry pheromone cologne

Attract and Seduce Women with Viro

Chemistry Extra Strength

Pheromone Cologne For Men

Feel The Difference with Viro Chemistry Pheromone Cologne

Highly effective and smells great! Our for men pheromone cologne will have women's heads turning. Specifically designed formula to attract women like a magnet! Not only will have you smelling great, but it will also give you a distinct advantage in those awkward social situations with women that you are dying to meet. Carefully chosen quality ingredients and formulated in just the right amounts to be extremely effective! Smooth to the touch! Moisturizing solution in-creases pheromones skin absorption and potency.

Viro Chemistry Pheromone Cologne Can Do This for You:

  • Scientifically Proven! Scientifically formulated human pheromone blend for men that has proven to attract women and appeal to their receptors.
  • Effective! Stunning, effective scent that is vigorous and confident. She will definitely notice you with our specifically designed pheromone cologne to appeal to her desires.
  • Enhance your sex appeal and confidence with women and make women smolder with desire for you.
  • One of the best scented colognes for men to be tested to attract and seduce women. Hands down.
  • Proven Ingredients! Patented blend of human pheromones including the most effective scents and oils available!.
  • Extra strength concentration of human grade pheromones to help you meet, date, attract, and seduce more women.
  • Long-Lasting! Proven pharmaceutical grade human pheromones cologne that keeps working for over 35 hours after being applied to ensure time for the pheromones to attract women.
  • Great Smelling! A uniquely blended scent with hints of Blackcurrant, Apple, Pineapple, Mo-roccan Jasmine, Patchouli, Ambergris, and Musk.
If you're looking for a special lady to love or out to seduce all those women you have been dreaming about in your town, just put on some of our bold and extra strength Viro Chemistry Pheromone Cologne on and get ready for some action!

Attention - Place your order today for many tomorrows filled with lots of fun, love, romance, and intimacy with all those hot and sexy women you are attracted to.

pheromones Viro Chemistry Pheromone Cologne $29.80

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