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Newsgroup Personals for Single Men

Listed here are some great Newsgroup Personals to meet single women on the internet. There are more and more single women getting online and I would strongly recommend placing some ads and answering ads. You've got nothing to lose and who knows, you just might get lucky. Print this list and using your news browser, subscribe to these newsgroups. Some newsgroups may not be in your area, but don't be concerned because long-distance relationships can be a lot of fun. I've had plenty of successful long-distance relationships and used the personals for years to meet hot & sexy single women from all over the U.S.

Personals Newsgroups for Men to Meet Women:

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alt.personals.big-folks (big people)
alt.personals.fat (fat people)
alt.personals.fetish (people with sex fetishes)
alt.personals.herpes (people with herpes)
alt.personals.intercultural (intercultural/foreign relations)
alt.personals.jewish (to meet Jewish single women)
alt.personals.latinas (to meet Latina single women)
alt.personals.misc (telephone relationships wanted)
alt.personals.poly (people wanting multiple partners)
alt.personals.spanking (people into spanking)
alt.personals.tall (tall people)
austin.personals (Austin Area of Texas) (San Franciso Bay Area of California)
ba.personals (San Francisco Bay Area of California)
dc.romance (Washington, D.C. Area) (Delaware Area) (Dallas, Ft. Worth Area of Texas)
dfw.personals (Dallas Ft. Worth Area of Texas)
chi.personals (Chicago Area)
la.personals (Los Angeles Area of California)
houston.personals (Houston Area of Texas) (Houston Area of Texas)
md.personals (Maryland Area) (New England Area)
nv.personals (Nevada Area) (Nevada Area) (New York City Area)
nyc.personals (New York City Area) (Ontario Canada Area) (Ottawa Canada Area) (Portand Area of Oregon) (Pittsburgh Area of Pennsylvania) (Philidelphia Area of Pennsylvania)
pnw.personals (Pacific Northwest Area) (Sacramento Area of California)
sat.personals (San Antonio Area of Texas) (San Diego Area of California)
sdnet.personals (San Diego Area of California)
slo.personals (San Luis Obispo Area of California)
torfee.personals (Toronto Canada Freenet Personals)
uk.adverts.personals (United Kingdom)
vegas.personals (Las Vegas Area of Nevada)

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