Lover's Massage DVD for couples and singles

How to Seduce Women

With Your Hands...

And Drive Them Wild!

Men, did you know that your hands are your most powerful instruments in pleasing and seducing women? And using your hands to give a woman a full-body massage is the most intimate and erotic act for you to perform on a woman.

Drive Women Wild with Powerful Pheromone Cologne

Now you can learn the secrets to seducing women with your hands with our new explicit, and erotic 70-minute DVD featuring full nudity called, "Lover's Massage." This is the ultimate lover's DVD for couples and singles.

This Sensual Massage DVD Will Teach You

  • Exactly how and where to squeeze, stroke, and touch her to drive her wild with sexual desire for you.
  • How to use massage oils to stimulate her to new heights of sensual satisfaction.
  • How to create a seductive and romantic atmosphere with food, candles, incense, music, provocative clothing, etc.
  • Secret techniques, using percussion stokes with your fists and hands, to awaken her sexual urges and bring her immense pleasure.
  • Massage techniques to use on her from her head to her toes with a special emphasis on her erogenous zones (breasts, nipples, inner thighs, buttocks, feet, back, etc.).
"Lover's Massage" is a very professionally produced DVD featuring very hot & sexy beautiful women with such incredible bodies that you just won't believe. It's worth the cost of the DVD alone just to see these enticing, titillating, and seductive bodies. It's a visual feast for your eyes that will really turn you on (if you know what I mean!).

This Sizzling Instructional DVD Will

  • Make you more popular with women. Women just love a guy who can give a good massage. She will want to be with you again and again!
  • Make you such a better lover that women just can't get enough of you because of all the pleasure and sexual arousal you give to them.
  • Teach you how to master the easy-to-learn massage strokes that will leave your partner sighing with ecstasy.
  • Improve your sex life! Is your sex life with your partner becoming a little bit dull and boring lately? Are the fires of desire not burning brightly anymore? Well, "Lover's Massage" will help you re-ignite the lost passion in your love life. Your sex life will be Hot! Hot! Hot!
  • Also, teaches your female partner in graphic detail, how to massage you into such a passionate frenzy that you fell like you're literally ready to explode!
What's really great about the "Lover's Massage" DVD is that you both can watch it to learn together and take turns massaging each other while watching the DVD. You'll both learn the art of erotic massage and get turned on sexually at the same time! Now, just imagine how much fun this will be!

What the press is saying about the Lover's Massage DVD

What the Press is Saying this Massage DVD...

"Rated the best how-to sex videos... Demonstrates ways to liven up an otherwise ordinary day." -- Men's Health Magazine

"Even if you're a total stud... you'll likely learn something new about how to better satisfy the woman - or the women - in your life." -- Gary Strathmann, Swinging Magazine

"This is a must see for all couples regardless of where you may be in that relationship with your significant other. Leave no stone unturned, no zone untouched, especially that of your lover's." -- Regina Woods, Eros Online Magazine

"High quality tools, tastefully explicit, presented in down to earth English... The series is well worth investigating." -- Jill Dutton, Evolving Woman Magazine

"Hot, well-executed self-help tapes good for men who don't know the finer points of how to treat women!" -- Smarmy Archerd, Penthouse Hot Talk

Special Features on this Sizzling DVD

  • Multilingual: You have the choice of listening to this DVD in English, Spanish, French, or German.
  • Extensive sexuality information.
  • Full-length bonus scenes.
  • You can choose to watch the DVD with subtitles for the hearing impaired.
  • Tips from Dr. Patti Britton (host of the DVD) who is a Clinical Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, Diplomat of the American Board of Sexology, and Certified Sex Educator by AASECT.

Order your copy of "Lover's Massage" DVD today so you can arouse her senses, relax her inhibitions, and stimulate her desire for making love! This is a must-have DVD for your "seduction" video library!

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