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Get A New Lease on Love Whether You
Are a Shy 18 or Spry 80 Year Old

Liquid Magnet pheromone cologne turns the tamest kitten into a tigress…in seconds!

Yes, women are turned on by good looks, flashy cars and a fat wallet. But you can have women hot for your body even if you're not good looking or rich!

Why? Because even women like TV and movie stars are still just human beings under all that gorgeous skin. Deep in their primal brains is the message center for sex. And this message center is stimulated by the scent of pheromones.

Long before there were BMW's and French champagne women had sexual desires. What prompted the ladies to get lusty? Pheromones (ferr-ah-moans) which tickle the tantalizing brain buds of any woman. The same pheromones contained in Liquid Magnet pheromone cologne.

Actually, many women find it hard to control themselves when in close contact with Liquid Magnet. No matter how strongly their conscious minds tell them to back off or stay away, many of them want to get ready for action…and plenty of it!

Use Liquid Magnet for a Few Weeks and You May Notice...

  • Women who are total strangers will try to touch you and may even grope your crotch.
  • When you go to bars or nightclubs women may sit right next to you and start talking to you.
  • Hot and horny women may want to get it on with you very quickly no matter where you are and it could even be in public.
  • Some woman may want to leave wherever you are and go to your place or hers for some hot sex.
  • Women you don't know personally may try to get close to you physically at your job, at malls, department stores, on buses, trains, planes, etc.
One Liquid Magnet user reported: "I met Desiree at Baxter's in Sacramento. She had a great body and I wanted her real bad. I went into the men's room and put on some Liquid Magnet and asked her to dance a slow dance with me. She asked me to make love to her before the song was over! And I'm just a guy who can't say no…"

If life and nature has shut you off from the pleasure of female companionship, you must try Liquid Magnet pheromone cologne.

You don't have to be on the prowl to benefit from Liquid Magnet - If your wife or girlfriend isn't giving you the loving you deserve, or has wandering eyes, bring her back to your bed with Liquid Magnet.

If you've got your eyes on a of your Number 10 honey that you must have before you explode in your pants, give her a whiff Liquid Magnet and she may be yours…willingly and uninhibitedly!

Female Volunteer Driven Wild for Sex!

For the sake of science we asked our volunteer Traci to try a little test. We made love, first using no cologne or scents whatsoever. It was, at best, awkward and somewhat mechanical.

We tried again a few hours later. This time I added some Liquid Magnet around my ears, my neck, and near my genitals. Her response was incredible. I thought she would chew my ear off. She licked every inch of my body. The same woman who was virtually disinterested a few hours earlier turned into a tigress in front of my eyes!!! - George Thompson

photo of sexy hot beautiful woman in lingerie

Would you like to have a gorgeous woman like the one pictured here to your left to find you completely irresistible? Can you picture her melting at your touch? Dream no more! She can be yours when you use the scentsational secret of sexual attraction in Liquid Magnet. Liquid Magnet pheromone cologne works for any man, old or young. Fat or skinny. Handsome or downright ugly. It doesn't matter when you've made the subconscious stimulus of Liquid Magnet work for you.

(There's more than great sex in store for you. There's female companionship around the clock and a fast-growing social list.)

Yes, men can have an unfair advantage. But isn't that what women have had for so long? Any half way decent looking woman never had too much trouble finding a sexual partner. Horny guys are always on the prowl.

But, what about the average guy? Maybe he's a little shy around women. Or a middle-aged guy who has lost his self confidence from his younger days.

Or some lonely, desperate guy who yearns to be held tight and smother himself in the warm flesh of a willing woman?

Then there's the guy with bad skin, or some physical handicap…a guy who couldn't get a hot-looking babe to say "hello."

Every guy deserves his moments of blissful contentment in the arms of submissive woman!

I remember when I was in the Navy and took a train to New York City to get some action. I found a bar and a hot & sexy woman I was very attracted to. I spent $30 buying drinks for her and she played me like a piano for drinks. At the end of our two hours together I was hornier than ever, poorer than I wanted to be and I got nothing for my efforts. To say the least I was crushed.

She had what I wanted and I paid dearly not to get it. For the same money and less, I could have used a pheromone cologne like Liquid Magnet and she'd be buying me drinks and trying to get into my pants!

Wouldn't you agree that it's about time us guys had a product like Liquid Magnet that would bring the lust out of hot, young, beautiful, sexy women!

This is it! Our powerful rare distilled ancient Hawaiian pheromone formula that stimulates the subconscious lust of women with an irresistible scent of sexuality that is purely primitive. Pheromones- The scent language of sex!

Liquid Magnet Testimonial from a Woman's Perspective

Please read this if you are divorced, widowed, or simply without female companionship:

Dear Sir,

I don't care if you're 45, 55, 65 or older. The fact is, it's nice to share your life and your bed with an attractive woman. As a 29 year old woman, I am aware of this.

For awhile I was turned off by the thought of making it with an older guy. And there were plenty of guys my age willing to hump my bones. I didn't even know what great lovers older guys were, simply because I wouldn't give them a shake at scoring with me.

That's all changed now. Thanks to Liquid Magnet. I went to a famous singles bar on First Avenue in New York City. A distinguished gentleman, about 30 years older than me, offered to buy me a drink. At first I wanted to say, "No thanks buddy," but something happened.

His cologne wafted into my nostrils and I found myself actually getting incredibly hot! My breath drew deeper and I found my panties were actually moist. I wanted him to make love to me right on the barstool…and I told him so.

We actually had sex in the cab going back to his Upper East Side apartment. We had sex twice in his place and again in the cab when he took me home.

Needless to say I moved in with this guy four months ago, and my desire has not worn thin. I only hope I don't go shopping soon and run into a bunch of guys wearing Liquid Magnet. I might create a scene at the department store.

Want some advice on how to score honey? Try this stuff for a month or so. And get close to women. Very close. They'll want you to stay real close.

Good Luck,
Sally Harding

Laboratory Scientists Perfect Distilled Male Scent in Liquid
Magnet Pheromone Cologne That Makes Women Wild for Sex

It's a story as old as time.

Even the Bible talks about it. In Kings, Chapter 1, King David is renewed to life by the body scent and breath of a young virgin.

If he had been wearing Liquid Magnet pheromone cologne she wouldn't have been a virgin very long!

Why? Because millions of years of sexual attraction by scent cannot be denied, even in today's more cosmopolitan world.

Haven't you ever noticed how the scent of a woman's hair, the sweet nectar of her skin will drive your lust beyond belief?

Well it works the other way around too! Powerful distilled pheromones by expert, precise American laboratories make women unable to resist their impulses. "Sex Attractant Pheromones" in Liquid Magnet are used to ensure your success!

Will it work for you? Absolutely. Unless the woman you seek has a severe cold and is completely unable to distinguish your scent from wearing Liquid Magnet, you will stimulate her hidden desires…her strongest lust…her unbridled passions!

Scientifically it is called olfactory stimulation. You can see it work all around you. A cat won't eat what it can't smell. A dog will sniff its prospective mate to get the sexual signal that it's time to mount.

And the same may hold true for humans, whether we like to think of ourselves as more highly evolved animals or not. The fact is our sexual response is still an animal response - closely tied in with our sense of smell.

The world's most beautiful women react the same way. With primitive, primal yearning and desire!

Subconscious Desires are Unleashed in an Instant!

The whole procreation process was scent-based throughout our history as a species. Fossils prove that early man had large nasal cavities and a huge olfactory center in the brain. The basic messages of food and sexual companionship were transmitted via the nose to the brain.

And, historically speaking, we haven't been out of the caves that long!

Do some women react differently than others to Liquid Magnet pheromone cologne?

Yes, it has been shown to work best on Scandinavian blondes, fair-haired Europeans (including redheads, blondes, and light brunettes) and black-skinned females.

Forget about using the expensive name brand colognes for men to attract women. If you want to arouse the primitive sexual urges of a woman and have her rip your clothes off, use Liquid Magnet pheromone cologne…And get ready for some action! (If you know what I mean).

Full Refund Guarantee

If you're not delighted…truly delighted…with the amazing effect Liquid Magnet has on women of all races, all ages (do not use on women under 18)…on the women you want to share your passions with…then return it for a full refund (minus shipping charges). No embarrassing questions asked.

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