Picking Up Girls Made Easy audio cassette

How to Pick Up Girls Made Easy

This 40 minute audio cassette can magically turn you into an expert "Picker-Upper and Seducer" of single women overnight! It has eight actual recorded pick up scenes for you to learn from. You'll hear exactly how to pick up a single girl in a college library, a tall and gorgeous pretty blonde on the street, a dark-haired sexy dancer in a single's bar.

You'll also learn how to get a single girl out of a bar and into your apartment in less than an hour...and how to tell when a girl is attracted to you just by the sound of her voice.

You'll actually hear the voices of all the people involved: The men, as they begin to work their magic - the single women as they fall and become a willing victim of their charm.

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Everything is spelled out for you, from attention getting opening lines...to foolproof closing lines that get you her telephone number, a date, and sometimes even her warm and sexy body right then and there for romance. So, send for "Picking Up Girls Made Easy" today. It can magically turn you into an expert picker-upper and seducer of single sexy beautiful women overnight! Satisfaction Guaranteed. Full One Year Money Back Guarantee!

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