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First of all, I would like to thank you for your site. I discovered it by accident and it has been an exceptional help in my never-ending endeavor to meet incredibly desirable, single(<---usually) women. Although I have not had much trouble in this area, your tips of the week and newsletters have offered valuable insight to keep my advances exciting and new, instead of using the same old lines or routines. You're great!

A couple of excellent places to meet women, in my experience, have been:

Tanning spas - Women are their biggest clientele, and since they go there to "improve" their appearance/image, it only makes sense that you can easily start a conversation with a gorgeous woman by letting her know how much you appreciate the fact that she is looks as good as she does and how her tan really compliments her beauty, or hair, or whatever you notice about her at the time. Since women love compliments on the success of their efforts to make themselves desirable, a particularly sincere compliment can go a long way. You might even get her to rub the tanning lotion onto your back for you.

The Local Theater or Youth Theater - Women love going to plays. And, I have found, I actually enjoyed it too, once I gave it an honest effort. So, if you attend a couple of them, it makes a great conversation opener to discuss the show you last went to, especially if you remember seeing that gorgeous brunette or redhead at the last play you came to, and she really appears single. Usually, women will go to these together, and also as usual, there will likely be only one or two married women in their groups, which increases your chances of finding an available cutie to talk to. The youth theater is great if you have a young sibling or niece or nephew to take along. The act of taking a child that is not yours to the play shows her that you are a great, caring guy and she will find these characteristics appealing. And chances are, she is spending time with children that are not hers, because she is just waiting for a fantastic guy like you to come along and spend some time with her!

Also, with both of these places, it indicates to her that you have something in common - like to tan and like watching plays. You should be a shoe-in!

Thanks for your time..

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