200 ways to succeed with women

200 Guaranteed Ways to

Succed with Women

May I introduce myself. My name is Don Diebel and I have helped thousands of men since 1978 with my best-selling books. Also, I have helped thousands of men just like you, to successfully meet, date, attract, and seduce women with my dating tips at: www.getgirls.com.

Since my early twenties, I set out on a lifelong journey to find out what it takes to meet, attract, seduce, and succeed with women. What works and what doesn't work.

Through lots of dating experience, research, and a lot of trial and error in dating and seduction techniques I began to notice very consistent and predictable patterns of success with women. I came up with 200 proven and guaranteed ways, tested in the real dating world, to help you succeed with women almost beyond belief, which is the basis of my new book called, "200 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed with Women."

Let's face it guys...It's a jungle out there in the dating world for men now. Gone are the good old days of the wild 70's and 80's when single women were wild, free, and promiscuous. Times have changed and for many men, the search for love, sex, and romance continues to be frustrating, unfulfilling, lonely, and heart breaking.

Also, their fear of rejection, lack of confidence, shyness, and fear of catching AIDS, herpes, and veneral diseases creates what seems like insurmountable obstacles to meeting women. And for those men who actually do go on dates, many of them never even get to first base with women.

Times may have changed, but now you can rule the dating jungle, call all the shots, and find love, romance, and good times in today's dating world with the new hot book called, "200 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed with Women."

Drive Women Wild for Sex with Powerful Pheromone Cologne

This powerful "seduction how-to book" will get you more telephone numbers, more dates, more romance, and more hot & sexy girlfriends than you ever dreamed possible. How?

By learning these proven guaranteed methods, techniques, seduction tips, and specialized knowledge in this "virtual seduction encyclopedia" you can become incredibly successful at meeting, attracting, and seducing single women. This 150+ page "tells all" book is crammed full of valuable information on scoring with women, easy step-by-step instructions, and tons of techniques to use on women to get what you want from any woman you desire.

Here's a Small Sample of What You

Will Learn When You Read This Book:

  • Do you want to dramatically increase your chances of getting romance immediately when you meet women? If so, I'm going to show you how and you will be seducing so many women, your new nickname will be "Don Juan."
  • How to spot ready and willing single women who want to meet you and how to take advantage of them.
  • Tested foolproof methods to get any single woman you desire. (Your buddies will shake their heads in amazement on how you're able to do this so consistently).
  • A clever (and "sneaky" way) to get women to come home with you from a nightclub or bar without any hesitation or resistance from her whatsoever!
  • How to avoid the "6 deadly dumb biggest dating mistakes" men make with single women that keeps them from getting any romance.
  • How to develop a failproof game plan to pick up and seduce any woman you desire.
  • What you should do that can dramatically overcome your fear of rejection and conquer your fear of approaching women you are attracted to.
  • How to get women to think about being with you without her even being aware of it.
  • A simple way to successfully approach and meet single women that can't fail. This is so simple, even someone "brain-dead" could do it.
  • How to overcome the three major obstacles to getting a single woman to date you.
  • Detailed instructions on how to create romantic chemistry that makes you irresistible to women.
  • The never before revealed "Hot Buttons Technique" that will turn you into the "World's Greatest Conversationalist" in the eyes of women.
  • The very best places to meet and pick up single women.
  • A truly "no brainer" (yet always overlooked) way to seduce women automatically.
  • Learn the "number one key" to successfully picking up and seducing single women.
  • And much, much more!
"200 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed with Women" will teach you how women think and communicate. With this powerful knowledge gained from the book, you will then be able to make adjustments in your personality and character to relate to women in a way that will have them falling in love with you and wanting to be you.

You Will Also Learn:

  • How to "read" the signals of women who are dying to date you right now! (They think they're being obvious, but I'll bet you don't have a clue about these signals. Just learning this one powerful secret -- how to "read" women -- will supercharge your "romance potential" through the roof!)
  • How to make sure a woman will want a serious relationship with you by the third date.
  • Learn what not to say to women - these verbal "no-no's" will get you dumped in a heartbeat by women. So many guys ruined their chances with women by saying these things.
  • The exact sure-fire words that really work on single women to break the ice and capture her attention.
  • The single best way ever discovered to get a woman's telephone number. (This method alone will fill up your little Black Book with phone numbers of hot and sexy women dying to be with you).
  • How to guarantee every thought a new lover has of you is super-charged with excitement, pleasure, and white-hot anticipation!.
  • Where to go on a first date that will insure that you will get a second date.
  • Learn how to touch a woman non-sexually -- when you use this simple "secret" method it will take on the "charged" quality of a warm, sexually-satisfying feeling for many women! (It's so simple it's almost like "cheating!").
  • What women really want from a man! (Nine out of ten men are absolutely floored by these secrets.)
  • How to start having explosive romance tonight...with the simple basics of great world-class kissing techniques!.
  • Proven techniques to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • How to be so romantic, women will be begging you to seduce them.
  • And much, much more!

As you read my 200 guaranteed ways to succeed with women, reflect on how you treat women, your behavior around women, how you act on dates, how you approach women, how you talk to women, how you romance women, how women treat you, how women respond to your advances, your grooming habits and how you dress around women, etc.

I'm sure you will discover some mistakes you have been making with women. And I hope my new book will serve as a wake-up call on why you're not succeeding with women like you should be and you will take measures to correct your mistakes so you can start succeeding with women instead of being a failure.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One - Best way to ask women out for a date...Don't let women get the best of you...Make time for women...Determination...Take charge of your love life...Choose the right mate...Putting all your eggs in one basket...How to score points with women...Don't stick your foot in your mouth...Cure for the blues.

Chapter Two - Conversation blunders...Like yourself...Important observations...How to be happy...Seduce women with your fireplace...Don't fall for the, "let's be friends" crap...Winners and losers...Finding the right woman for you...Playing hard-to-get...Get out of your comfort zone.

Chapter Three - Don't brag on yourself...New Year's resolutions...Whiners and complainers...Overcoming low self-esteem...Good conversation starter...Warning signs of women you can't trust...The power of prayer...The myth of a woman fulfilling all your needs...My date from hell...How to eat Italian food.

Chapter Four - Envy and jealousy...What women are interested in?...Two guaranteed techniques to seduce women...Secrets to succeeding with women...How to overcome procrastination...Dangerous words that cause you to fail with women...Tips on dating young women...Favorite colors reveal a woman's sex nature...How to get energy for a date...Why you need to avoid worry.

Chapter Five - Finding a game plan...The "Dare System" for meeting women...You are what you think...The right attitude...Using chocolate to turn women on...I love you too soon method that scares women off...Take action...Think positive...Golf dates...Deadly conversation sins.

Chapter Six - The "Smothering Technique" that turns women off...Don't be a sports potato...Conversation mistakes.... How to understand women...Be sure and compliment a woman's place...Do it now!...Getting out of a dating rut...Time and effort...Role Models.

Chapter Seven - Keeping a relationship alive...Great dating tips...How to end a relationship...Diarrhea of the mouth...Kissing at the end of a date...More great tips to help you succeed with women...Talking about sex on a first date...Don't flirt with the waitress...Know when to shut up.... Success Journal....

Chapter Eight - Using a friend to meet women...Using body language to talk to women...Self-analysis...Don't fall in love too fast...Using a million dollar bill to meet women...Symptoms of relationship trouble...Being a workaholic can take a toll of your love life...First date advice...Roommates.

Chapter Nine - Answering tough questions...Table manners...Say the right things...How to talk to women...End of date body language...Bitches...Body hair...I'll be happy trap...How to ask for a date...The five senses.

Chapter Ten - Stress...How to make women feel special...Do's and don'ts of attracting women...Using colognes to attract women...Best way to ask women out...Using posture to attract women...How to dump your girlfriend...Calling women...Using props to meet women...Don't procrastinate.

Chapter Eleven - Dating advice...Dating women that have been raped...When to give up...Learn from your mistakes...White lies...Playing the personals...Seize your opportunities...Self-pity...Shopping...Handling sex questions.

Chapter Twelve - Gold-diggers...Finding happiness...The "Birthday Method"...Magic tricks...Little black book...Don't stick your foot in your mouth...Mental concentration...Determination...Handling job questions...Don't be over-anxious.

Chapter Thirteen - Impress her friends...Coming on too strong...Take advantage of opportunities...Cyberdating poll...The kiss of death...Compliments - good and bad...Broken engagement warning...How to ask for phone numbers...How to ask for dates...Self-improvement exercises.

Chapter Fourteen - Be flexible and compromise...Don't base your relationship on sex...Bathroom courtesy and manners...Valuable tips on succeeding with women...The day that turns your life around...Jokes...Mistakes when answering personal ads...Measure and monitor your success...Good times and bad times...How to meet single women in restaurants.

Chapter Fifteen - Tips to help you succeed with women...How to get over being dumped...Single Man's Astrological Guide to Women...Dumb Dating Mistakes Men Make With Women...How to Tell if a Woman is Really Interested in You...Guide to Sexual Etiquette with Women...Don't make these first date mistakes...How to get phone numbers...Bathroom advice...How to pick up women at the beach.

Chapter Sixteen - Don't wear a mask when meeting women...Are you confused by women's sex behavior?...Top 10 dining etiquette tips to impress women...Advice about pornography...Don't live in the past...You must have faith and hope...Meeting women with lottery cards...A dirty car can cause dating problems...Don't spoil your chances for love and romance....

Chapter Seventen - Don't use profanity around women...What to do if you are stood up...Making that first phone call to women...How long should you date?...Art of kissing on your first date...Don't be fooled by women who dress sexy...How to tell if she has the "hots" for you...Advice for smokers...Overcoming your fear of rejection...Avoid doing these things when on a date.

Chapter Eighteen - Don't be a porcupine...Don't treat your date like one of the guys...How to tell if your date is not interested in you...What to do when you get dumped...Sure-fire tips to help you succeed with women...Love advice...You should always be yourself...Dating more than one woman at a time...Don't get too obsessed with finding love...A few lessons about failure with women.

Chapter Nineteen - Why you must not ask to spend the night on first dates...Keys to succeeding with women...Preparing your car for romance...10 qualities that will make you a winner...The perfect woman trap...Negative behaviors that cause dating problems...Top five conversation topics for first dates...How to set goals...How to ask women for their phone number...Using the World Series to succeed with women.

Chapter Twenty - How to Seduce Women in a Hot Tub...Should you take a date to nightclubs?...Table manner tips...Vacation planning to help you succeed with women...Approaching beautiful women...Check list for going on dates/pursuing women...Top 10 questions not to ask on first dates...How often to date a woman?...Impress women by being sympathetic...Three things you must never do on a date.

You Must Have This Book and Here's Why:

By reading, "200 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed with Women" you will be learning more than 99.99999% of the rest of the single male population will ever know about how to successfully meet, date, attract, and seduce single women.

Free Bonus!

Has this ever happen to you? Everyday you see tons of hot & sexy beautiful single women youíd love to meet and talk to but you donít know what to say...or when you do approach women to meet them you get tongue-tied or even worse, you just freeze up.

Well, thatís a thing of the past because now with the help of my special free bonus included with the book called, "How to Talk to Women" you can turn those chance encounters with all those beautiful women of your dreams into romance.

Itís really a sad fact of life that so many opportunities for thousands of wonderful intimate relationships are lost each day because men simply donít know what to say to women they encounter in their every day lives. The problem is, these golden opportunities to meet women are wasted because a lot of men donít know what to say to turn these chance encounters with all those girls of their dreams into romance.

Thatís why I wrote this free bonus report to help all those men that get tongue-tied with women, donít know what to say when they meet or approach women, or what to talk about on a date.

Order Your Copy Today!

Order your copy of "200 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed with Women" today. After reading and using this book, you will be able to understand and think like a woman. Unlike most men, you will be able to relate to women on their level and when you do this you can seduce any woman you desire.

And, don't worry about being a ladies man will make you feel like a sissy. Wouldn't you rather have your life filled with hot & sexy single beautiful women begging to be with you after using the principles in this book, instead of being a "Macho Man" with an ego problem and no dates?

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